Essential Oils for All Weather

By: | Apr 23, 2018

The different seasons affect the skin, hair, and body differently. During the cold winter months and the hot summer days, skin can get very dry and dull. As the leaves fall during autumn, the cooler weather is upon you so some warming oils can help. When spring ushers flowers to bloom, it’s the perfect time to showcase your own floral scent by using some fragrant essential oils as perfumes. Essential Oils Care blog has all the information you need on the right kind of oil to use for all four season.

Essential Oils for All Weather

Essential Oils for the Winter

When the temperature drops, it comes as no surprise that some people experience poor blood circulation and get very cold hands and feet. To help warm up your body during the cold winter months, some warming essential oils can help. Examples of these types of oils are Rosemary, clove bud, and ginger. You can also use some black pepper, juniper berry, and marjoram. Use these oils during a massage therapy to help warm up your entire body.

Winter air can also dry the skin making it dull and lifeless. Moisturize with some Rose Absolute Oil or Pomegranate Seed Oil to keep skin hydrated at all times.

Essential Oils for All Weather

Essential Oils for the Summer

Summer is a time when the heat can become very dry and often unbearable. That is the reason why most people go to beaches and other watering holes to cool off. Being under the sun for too long can result in painful sunburns. Relieve your skin with essential oils such as peppermint and sandalwood. Peppermint provides cooling, eases skin itching and repels bugs. Sandalwood, on the other hand, can soothe sunburns and reduce inflammation.

Essential Oils for All Weather

Essential Oils for Autumn

Autumn is a time when leaves are starting to fall. This is a time when the nights can become very cold and very windy. Colds and flu become prevalent during this season so it’s best to arm yourself with some essential oils to beat the common ailments. Cardamom, orange and ginger oils are some of the best essential oils to use during autumn. Cardamom helps the body deal with respiratory issues and ginger energizes the body to help it repel colds and flu.

Essential Oils for All Weather

Essential Oils for Spring

You may think that spring is a great time where the weather is neither too cold nor too warm. While these are true, spring is also a time when bugs and insects come out. To ward them off, some citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils may be mixed and diffused into your home to keep bugs out.

Essential oils are great products to use for any kind of seasons. They provide you with benefits that many expensive products can at a lesser price. Having these oils in your collection can make winter feel less cold, make summer sunburns less painful, keep autumn sickness at bay and keep spring bug and insect free. Try them now.