Finding the Secret to Solving these Beard Care Issues

By: | Apr 26, 2018

Men often have a love/hate relationship with beards. Rocking a beard is truly something to be proud of, especially one that is soft and smooth to the touch. But it can also be a curse for those who don’t know the basics of beard care. Itchy skin, acne, or rough, coarse strands? Women are not the only ones suffering from these everyday issues.

If you’re a man silently bearing the distress of covering up the irritated skin under your beard, it’s time to let go and free you from your woes. Here’s a guide to solving your everyday battle against that beard. Follow some of these steps and you’ll get manageable beard and a soft skin at the same time.

Full Beard

Coarse Rough Strands

Running your fingers through your beard and feeling its rough and coarse strands are just something you resign yourself to. But there’s a solution to this everyday issue that bearded men face. Don’t give up just yet, we’ve got some tips that you can do to get soft and manageable facial hair. Try some of them out.

  • A beard oil does more than its fair share of nourishing and improving facial hair strands. It is also perfect for moisturizing the beard and helping it get a soft and silky texture.
  • Using heavy conditioning products is also another solution you can try. Beard balm and conditioners work just as well in coating the strands in moisture and reaching the skin underneath.
  • A rub down helps with removing tangles and knots. Using a beard comb regularly also smooth out strands for a smooth flowing beard.

Sleek Looking Beard

Wiry or Frizzy Beard that is Hard to Manage

First, when you know and apply the basics of beard care, there are fewer risks for you to encounter this problem. If you want to avoid having this problem, you should do these following.

  • Wash facial hair using gentle cleansers. Avoid ordinary soaps. Instead, pick organic or natural washes for the beard. It removes any dirt or toxins that may cling to the skin.
  • Frizzy strands are already dry enough but you still need to cleanse it. To replenish the lost moisture, you need to use the best beard oil. It coats the strands in moisture and helps make it softer.
  • See if the skin underneath is moisturized. One of the reasons of having a frizzy or wiry beard is that the skin does not produce enough oil. While you can’t exactly get your skin to produce oil instantly, you still can replenish the moisture by using products.
  • Do not comb the beard too much when dry. It damages the cuticles that are weaker when the strands are dry. It causes the frizzing and the wiry texture. Some beard oil kit comes hand-in-hand with a comb and an oil because they should be used together.

Beard Oil and Brush

Irritated and Itchy Skin

This is a common problem for men who are growing a beard. While it is not a facial hair care issue, it can still grow out of proportions and get to worst cases like acne and breakouts. Plus, having an irritated skin can make you suffer for a whole day when you can easily prevent and treat it.

  • Make sure to condition the facial hair. The rough texture causes abrasion that is too harsh for the skin underneath.
  • Remove dirt and flakes trapped in the beard. It is one of the most common causes of irritation. Make sure to thoroughly comb through the beard and wash it.
  • Indulge in beard treatments with facial hair masks. Or some heavy duty oil every night. It softens the beard and makes it silkier. It also transforms even bristly hair to stubbles that are soft.

Short Styled Beard

Split Ends and Weak Strands

In case you’re suffering from having split ends and weak strands, you surely have a hard time growing the beard to the shape or style that you prefer. It also means that you’re prone to wild facial hair, one that is hard to manage. If this is the case, do some of this and you’ll get noticeable results.

  • Trim regularly. The best frequency you should follow is weakly. Damages to the strands are quick to spread on other the upper parts. It often starts from the tips and slowly weakens the strand until it reaches the root. Prevent it by trimming regularly. It also helps keep the shape of the beard.
  • Consult a professional about your beard. Learn more about your beard and if it’s in its best form. Get tricks and some tips from professionals on what you can do to take care of your beard the best.
  • And as always, get married with a beard oil. It’s definitely your savior. If you’re looking for one to use, try the beard care kit of Beard Legacy.