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Vitamin C Serum | A Perfecting Serum for Your Skin’s Troubles


Tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, and rosehip seed oils are essential oils that are rich in vitamin C serums. These oils can help make your skin look radiant and beautiful. But if you want to experience the goodness of vitamin C fully, vitamin C serum is the right one for you.

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    Vitamin C Serum: A Serum for Radiant and Youthful Skin

    Vitamin C serums are spreading like fire in the skin care and beauty industry. Many people are hyped about Vitamin C serums because of its incredible benefits to the skin. If you want to find out why, just keep on reading!

    Is vitamin C serum a must-have for skin care?

    Yes, it is! Even though vitamin C serums can be quite expensive, they are really worth it to buy for your skin care needs. Some brands offer less expensive vitamin c serums that are of high quality if you really want to get your hands on this serum right now.

    But if you are new to vitamin C serums, you may be wondering why these serums are so popular today. Do not worry because you have everything you need to know right here.

    What is vitamin C?

    For starters, you need to know what vitamin C is first. Since vitamin C is the main ingredient of the serum, you need to get to know more about it so that you can fully understand what the serum can do to your skin.

    Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin is abundant in vegetables and fruits. You can take in vitamin C through supplements too. Vitamin C helps your body by maintaining the strength and health of your connective tissues, bones, blood vessels, and skin.

    Vitamin C helps repair and regenerate tissues. It works as a shield against free radicals that harm the body. Daily intake of vitamin C helps lessen the duration of colds, prevent cataracts, and supports healthy immune function as well.

    For the skin, vitamin C helps reduce the effects of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and sunspots. There are actually two different kinds of vitamin C: stabilized and unstabilized vitamin C.

    Using vitamin C products with unstabilized formulas can harm your skin because they oxidize very quickly. This allows free radicals to enter and cause damage to your skin.

    Meanwhile, stabilized vitamin C products do not break down easily. This kind of vitamin C is mostly recommended to use because of their high-concentrated formulas. Products with stabilized vitamin C can last up to two years as well.

    Is vitamin C serum safe to use on the skin?

    Yes, it is! In fact, vitamin C serum is an absolute essential for your skin care regimen because of its powerful antioxidant properties. Vitamin C plays a big role in the production of collagen and elastin too. Your skin needs collagen and elastin to maintain your skin’s overall health and elasticity.

    Vitamin C serum is for any age as well. Vitamin C helps prevent skin aging and repair skin damage. Regular use of vitamin c serum helps protect your skin against free radical damage caused by the environment. If you do not prevent these free radicals from entering your skin, these harmful factors can break down your collagen to encourage wrinkling and sagging on your face.

    Can you mix vitamin C serum and essential oils?

    Essential oils and vitamin C serums may sound great to combine because of their unique skin benefits. But sadly, you cannot mix your favorite oils with it.

    Vitamin C serums are best when used alone. Adding essential oils to your vitamin C serum may affect its potent and reduce the serum’s shelf life too. If you want to incorporate your essential oils with vitamin C serums, it is best to apply the oils after using vitamin C serum.

    Vitamin C serums can be quite expensive. For the meantime, you can use essential oils for your skin. Find out what essential oils would match your skin’s needs here.

    Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for your Skin

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    Vitamin C serums are popular because of the benefits they can give to your skin, especially on your face. Many people have proven these effects and continued to use this serum every day. Here are 3 key benefits of vitamin C serum:

    • It helps produce collagen

    Collagen is naturally present in the body. This substance is responsible for keeping the skin plump and healthy. But as you age, the production of collagen in the body begins to slow down. This is where vitamin C serum helps the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. This can help keep your skin feel smooth and supple as it reduces the signs of aging.

    • It brightens skin

    Vitamin C serums help brighten age spots and your skin’s discoloration. Vitamin C serum acts as natural bleaching agents that help lighten your blemishes and under-eye dark circles. Using vitamin C serums help prevent mild redness due to sun damage too.

    • It gives sun protection

    Vitamin C serums offer protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This serum repairs signs of sun damage such as skin discoloration and burns.

    Aside from vitamin C serums, Hyaluronic acid serums help make your skin look younger too. Do you want to find out what this serum can do? Check out this page for more.

    Precautions of Using Vitamin C Serums

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    Vitamin C serums can be potent. You have to take extra care when using this product on your skin, especially on your face. To help you prevent the side effects of vitamin C serums, here are some precautions when using the oil:

    For storage – It is important that you keep your vitamin C serums in a cool and dark place. Do not expose your vitamin C serums to light and heat. This lessens your serum’s shelf life and potency.

    For people with allergies – If you are allergic to vitamin C, you should not use vitamin C serums to prevent any severe skin conditions. You can ask your doctor for safer alternatives to use though.

    For pregnant women – Even though there are no proven side effects of vitamin C serums on pregnant women, it is still best to consult your doctor about it. If your doctor prohibits you from using the serum, ask for safer alternatives.

    When applying makeup – Use vitamin C serums as a base or primer before applying your makeup. This can help keep your makeup in place all day.

    For sun exposure – Do not apply vitamin C serum if you are going out to extremely hot places. Vitamin C serums can irritate your skin once you wear it in very dry and hot weather. Instead, use sunscreens and moisturizers for protection.

    Side Effects of Vitamin Serums

    Even though vitamin C serums are helpful to your skin, these serums can cause certain side effects when not used properly. Here are the common side effects of vitamin C serum on the skin:

    • Irritation

    Irritation is one of the most common side effects when using vitamin C serums. Irritation caused by vitamin C serums often leads to redness and itching. This typically happens to people with  vitamin C allergy.

    • Flaky skin

    Flaky skin happens when you use too much vitamin C serum. If your skin starts to flake due to vitamin C serum, do not pull them off your skin to prevent bleeding and scarring. Apply a mild moisturizer right away to reduce flaking.

    • Sun Damage

    Sun damage occurs when you do not apply sunscreen after using vitamin C serum during daytime. To prevent your skin from sun damage, apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 50 while using vitamin C serum.

    You should protect your skin at all cost to minimize damage. Even though you cannot really avoid harmful factors that can harm your skin, you need to be prepared when it attacks your face. Use the right skin care products while taking in the right supplements for healthy skin.

    Did you know that essential oils have a lot of unique benefits just like vitamin C serums? Find out more about it here.

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