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From the leaves that branch out to touch the sky to the roots that embrace the earth – all parts of a plant or a tree gifts humanity drops of nourishing oils for the wellness of the body and mind. There’s a rich history of its uses and amazing effects. Natural essential oils care takes the throne for the ultimate lifestyle everyone wants a piece of.

Essential oil products work for the health of the body and mind.

Aromatherapy highlights the benefits of owning a bottle of oil. But we continue to find more about the amazing effects that essential oils have for our health. Truly a holistic healer of the body, mind, and spirit. Know more about their uses and how to utilize them for your needs.

The world of essential oils is vast and wide. Explore the art of using organic essential oil products for your basic skin and hair care needs and more! Find information, the latest trends, and secret beauty hacks about oils all in one place. Start your holistic journey here.

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    How Your Advanced Routine Damages the Body

    Routines take time to build. You look for products that bring out the best in you without causing any damages. Of course, this does not only apply to skin care. Taking care of your hair, health, and holistic wellness is part of your routine – a lifestyle that took years to finalize.

    This is why a lot of people feel reluctant to let go of such hard-earned routine. But instead of keeping you healthy and stable, this regimen just might be the reason for the wave of fatigue, the rise and fall of energy, or the overall abnormality of your skin and hair that you think are quite normal. Discover just how your advanced routine causes damage.

    Daily personal care products that contain chemicals.

    Dependence on Chemicals

    When it comes to the products that you use, it is always of utmost importance to practice caution. With technology developing most aspects of our lives, it’s no wonder that we slowly became too dependent on products infused with chemicals. The term advanced and the meaning behind it is irresistible to most of us. Especially if you’re looking for instant results.

    But while you can get and see these changes instantly, the forest fades from your view. You become unable to see the bigger picture. Promises of instant results attracted us to using these formulas whether they’re for beauty and health. But recent studies show that you might as well resign to your fate of chemical dependence. Know why you need to abandon your current routine and instead consider converting to the organic lifestyle.

    Some chemicals are toxic for our health. And since they are not naturally found inside the body, introducing them to the bloodstream causes damage. However small it is, it still destroys a part of you that you might not have a way of getting back.

    Long-Term Damages

    If you’re allergic to a product or if you see any negative effects with only a few uses, you immediately stop using them. But when all you see are results, then you’d think that there’s nothing wrong that a product can cause unless you use it incorrectly.

    Thing is, there are ingredients in your skin care products that are foreign to the body. And while they don’t trigger a worst-case scenario at the moment of application, you should know that they are delivering damage to your body silently. Small damages pile up over time only to cause a major turnaround in your life later on.

    For example, did you know that sulfates in personal care products dry the skin and causes issues such as excessive drying and oiliness? It affects the ability of the skin to hold and retain moisture. This is because the skin gets used to the case of stripping the natural moisture off it. There are a lot of long-term damages caused by these chemicals. Did you know that they also speed up skin aging?

    Use essential oils for skin instead of commercial products.

    Incorrect Methods and Products

    Clinical terms in products just seem so trustworthy. If you suffer from skin conditions, hair care woes, or even the smallest discomfort, you immediately seek brands and formulas that can provide instant relief from these problems. But rarely do you listen to your body.

    One of the greatest sins that you can commit is to disregard the needs of your body and instead just trust the labels that you read. Using the wrong products incorrectly does more damage than good. For example, those who have oily skin think that it’s harmful not to use a moisturizer. But the opposite is actually the one that works.

    Before buying and using products, what you need is to consult an expert and understand the root of the problem. Having troubles sleeping? See if essential oils do the trick instead of getting used to chugging down sleeping pills! The same goes for your skin and hair troubles too.

    Signs You Should Look Out For

    When the body suffers from so much damage, there are a lot of symptoms that it shows. You should just heed to these warning signs and look for a way to remedy the damages. Here are some of the signs that you should look out for.

    1. Uncharacteristic changes in the body, skin, or hair. For example, instead of having thicker hair, you’re experiencing increased hair fall. It might be because you recently changed your hair formula. For the skin, it might show as suffering in sudden conditions like flaking, acne, and excessive dryness.
    2. You feel some kind of discomfort during and after using the product. Any small uncomfortable sensation such as burning, stinging, or any other reaction from your skin is just a sign that you’re not using the right product or that you’re not using it the right way. You might think that this is part of their effects but you should consider cutting down or completely removing them from your routine.
    3. Your body reacts in negative ways such as allergy, irritation, or other internal discomforts.

    Silent Killers that You May Be Using

    While essential oils are taking over the market, there would be instances that you’ll find yourself suffering from withdrawal symptoms. They can be as simple as simply missing the scent of your products or the instant effectiveness that they have.

    But this is just part of the journey. Plus, if it’s just fragrances that you’re missing, there are aromatherapy oils to save you. What matters is that you get to know these silent killers that are doing harm to your body before they cause too much irreparable damage. Find out what these products are.

    Replace commercial products with organic formulas for the body.

    Skin Care Treats

    You might think that these products are treats at first but they could just be tricking you to keep buying their formulas. See if you own any of these skin care goods.

    • Sulfate in Cleansers

    While sulfate is not an overall murderer of your skin, you should still limit using products that contain it or you risk damaging the natural functions of the skin. Its negative effects range from simple irritation to worse cases like the inability of the skin to hold moisture.

    • Comedogenic Formulas

    Some examples of comedogenic formulas are moisturizers that are too thick or those that do not absorb into the skin. They clog the pores which could be a trigger to a lot of problems. It’s not only blackheads that they cause. Using products like this also makes you prone to acne.

    • Carcinogens in Cosmetics

    Cosmetics are some of the most magical skin care products that instantly transform how you look. But thing is, you can’t simply escape from the clutches of the carcinogenic ingredients in the formulas. Paraben is possibly one of them. Why not just gun for having a naturally youthful skin instead of getting used to makeups?

    Hair Care Essentials

    You might love that fruity scent that you get a whiff of when your hair slaps against your face, but you’re not going to love just how much damage your shampoo is giving your scalp. And what’s more, it’s not only the shampoo that you should look out for!

    • Moisture-Stripping Cleansers

    A shampoo is a type of cleanser that can contain a lot of drying ingredients. They do not simply trigger the issue. Harsh cleansers strip off the natural moisture from the scalp and hair. This makes it harder for your tresses to get the needed moisture.

    • Conditioners

    Conditioners are not necessarily bad for you. What makes them worthy of attention in this list is that they leave harmful residues on your scalp. There are a lot of reasons to consider your conditioners. One – they can wreak havoc on your hair even after washing them off. Two – they can clog the follicles and cause increased hair fall. Try conditioners that use organic oils. They nourish and moisturize hair better without leaving residues on the scalp. Jojoba or argan oil conditioner is suitable for all hair types.

    • Drying Hair Styling Formulas

    Life would not feel complete without at least a good hair styling formula to help you get the shape that you want for your hair. But they can be drying. Hair sprays and gels tend to make the hair more brittle with regular use. And at the end of the day, you’re left with flaky residues and rough tresses.

    Get lustrous and shiny hair with organic formulas.

    Ingestion of Chemically-Infused Products

    It’s true – technology definitely makes our lives better. But in the same way that it makes everything a bit more convenient, it also simplifies the ways that you could be damaging your body.

    Foreign chemicals tend to cause damage especially if your body does not accept them. There are a lot of chemically-infused products you should be aware of. And this does not only work for skin and hair but also for formulas that you take internally.

    What Does Organic & Natural Mean

    Essential oils are redefining beauty and holistic wellness. There are a lot of uses for essential oil products. And with a variety of oils, you can always find one that suits your needs. What’s more, you can always make your own recipe that meets your preferences. Whether it is scent, texture, or consistency – you can tweak it to your heart’s content.

    But you might be confused about the words linked to these oils. Organic, natural, pure, raw – just what are the differences among these types? For now, learn how to identify an organic and natural essential oil.


    If you’re just going to use an essential oil, you might as well pick organic ones. This type of oil is the safest and with the highest amount of therapeutic benefits that are beneficial for you. Having an organic label means that the formula contains purely organic ingredients.

    It can be pure raw oil or a mix of organic oils. There are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients used in production. Even the growth of the ingredients or the process of how they are derived matters in the organic label.What makes it the best option for oils is that it still contains the nourishing substances such as the vitamins and minerals derived from its raw material. Using other toxic chemicals or fillers can dilute its effects or

    What makes it the best option for oils is that it still contains the nourishing substances such as the vitamins and minerals present in the raw material. Using other toxic chemicals or fillers can dilute its effects or rob it off of its rewarding benefits.


    While natural products are still relatively safe to use, you should be mindful of what other ingredients that it contains. Because it is possible that a natural essential oil product has chemicals in its formula.

    Since there are no tight regulations for natural products, it is possible that behind this label, it may still contain synthesized ingredients. Manufacturers are also not above using chemicals or artificial ingredients in the process of production and having non-natural flavors and scents.

    Meet Essential Oil Brands: Your Holistic Helper

    Considered as the holy grail of holistic wellness, it’s no wonder just how many brands delve into this field. There are a lot of companies aiming to create essential oils with the highest quality. But for users, it’s just another hurdle in their way. What brands are the best choices? What are the differences in the products?

    Look for quality essential oils.

    There are a lot of factors to take into account before you stick to a product and commit to using it. Are you ready to do the deed with a potentially harmful essential oil? Find out how to determine brands that work best for you.


    The quality of the brand is reflected in their products. Do they pass the international standards for what is safe and acceptable? When it comes to essential oils, it’s important to have a good grasp of the effects of the product. Here are some tips that will help you determine the quality of a product, and in turn, a brand.

    1. Estimate the purity of your essential oils. The purity of the formula also affects how they provide results. Of course, if you’re looking for undiluted pure oils, make sure to get one.

    Tip: The purity test for essential oils using a blotting paper is not necessarily true. There are oils exempt from its effects. Some pure oil still leaves a stain behind especially for cold-pressed products. The same goes for oils that take days before the oily residue evaporates completely.

    1. Be critical of the labels. Labels should also include the ingredients used. Look for any raw material that might prove to be harmful or toxic. Plus, you should also consider checking the Latin or scientific names of the ingredients because there are always varieties of a plant or organic ingredient. The chemical compositions in these ingredients vary even if they are technically of the same species.
    1. Packaging is another factor to consider. The best brands guarantee the safety of the product by using the right packaging. This also applies to the containers of the oils.

    Tip: If you have purely organic essential oils, then they should come in amber or dark blue glass bottles. Glass does not affect the chemical composition of the oil. And the color that it comes in lowers the chances for any photosensitive reaction.

    Aside from these factors, it is also important for you to always check the effects and the price of the product. Is it worth it? Does it hold the true value of the price that it comes in? It can determine if an essential oil passes your standards.


    Oils are quite versatile. You can use them not only for aromatherapy (that is if they have a scent) but also for beauty, and personal care. Thing is, the body absorbs and accommodates the therapeutic effects and nourishing substances that organic essential oils have. A bottle of rose oil is perfect for your skin care and even for soothing your scalp.

    Knowing precautions in ingesting culinary essential oil.

    When it comes to beauty and health, you should never compromise. Always go for high-quality oils that are flexible enough to work on your personal care needs. After all, essential oils are naturally versatile.

    Did you know that you can even blend oils to create a mixture that helps treat some of your skin or hair care issues? You can even produce your own blend of aromatherapy oil. A homemade mixture makes use of a top note, middle note, and the long-lasting fragrance of the base oil.


    Aside from the issue of containing chemicals, there are safety measures that you should take when it comes to essential oils. Here are some of them.


    There are a lot of ways you can use an aromatherapy oil. Some of them include using a diffuser, directly smelling it from its container, or applying a small drop on temples or other areas of the body. There are risks even in using aromatherapy oils.

    • Sudden assault of such a strong smell can cause a headache and nausea.
    • Some aromatherapy oils are not suitable for topical application.
    • There are scents that are not fit for pregnant women and babies.
    • Be mindful of the blending rules – the 30-50-20 rule, perfect balance, and bottoms up.

    Topical Application

    Before you go and enjoy a day with your favorite bottle of essential oil, know about the standards that you should follow in applying them topically.

    • Do a patch test on the wrist or on the back of the hands before applying. Do this by using a small drop of oil and gently rubbing on a small patch of skin. Wait for 15-30 minutes before assessing any negative effects.
    • Do not use harsh essential oils when pregnant or nursing. Some oils like castor oil are diuretic. Introducing them to the bloodstream is potentially harmful.
    • When creating a homemade recipe, make sure to blend and mix only the complementing oils.


    Ingesting essential oils is not harmful as long as you use culinary oils. Not all of essential oils are safe to ingest. In fact, there are a lot of toxic and harmful oils that can easily poison the body. As always, read the label, be cautious, and know your product.

    • Never ingest or drink cosmetic oils.
    • Consult a doctor before taking an oil internally.
    • If pregnant or nursing, never ingest an essential oil.

    Perks of Using Quality Products

    Quality is priority. From choosing a brand to picking an essential oil product, following the standards of quality saves you from suffering any harmful effects that toxic oils might cause. It also saves you from a trip to the doctor’s office. And most of all – you get the value of your money!

    Learn how to properly use essential oils for your needs.

    Boosted Effects

    Compared to normal or cheap essential oils, you’ll notice how high-quality products have boosted effects. For aromatherapy oils, they have a better fragrance that closely resembles their organic ingredient. They also have an appealing scent that does not overpower the senses. For skin, you’d see greater and faster effects. Here are some of the underlying reasons why quality oils have boosted effects.

    1. Packed with natural compounds that the organic ingredients contain.
    2. Does not contain any artificial or toxic ingredients such as fillers and chemicals.
    3. Brands put an emphasis on the safety of the user.
    4. Production of quality essential oils makes use of precise methods and advanced technology.

    If you are looking for a brand or product to try out, always buy from trusted sources. There are a lot of establishments and sources that offer quality essential oils for the right price!

    Lower Health Risks

    While it’s true that there are less negative health effects of using essential oils than chemically-infused products, this does not mean that you should altogether dismiss any risks that come with its application. First of all, you should always determine the quality of the product because it eventually reflects the safety of using it.

    Train yourself to spot the quality of the oils. It helps give you the confidence that your products are safe to use. Know that the risks of using essential oil products do not only include simple allergic reactions. No one’s exempted from the harmful results of carelessly utilizing an oil. Find out more about these negative effects that are linked to essential oils.

    For Skin and Scalp

    • Irritation of the skin and scalp
    • Allergic reactions
    • Rashes and redness
    • Drying and flaking
    • Sunburn and blisters – for excessive use of photosensitive oils.
    • For pregnant women, hormone imbalance.


    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness


    • Poisoning
    • Allergic reactions
    • Disturbance in metabolism
    • Damage to the nervous system
    • For pregnant women, hormone imbalance.
    • Burning of the esophagus.

    Just like any adventures in beauty and personal care, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Look for the best places to buy an essential oil to ensure its good quality! When it comes to the health of the body, mind, and spirit, nothing but the best works.

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