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Top Essential Oil Brand Reviews & Guide


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Looking for the most effective essential oil product starts with finding the best essential oil brands. With many names of essential oils trying to dominate the market today, it seems to be a daunting task. But don’t worry! Essential Oils Care is here to help find the perfect essential oil for your everyday needs.

Whether for aromatherapy or personal care, this page leads you to a worthwhile experience with plant extracts. Essential oils are not only fragrant but healing as well. You can use them for face, hair, and body. Made with natural ingredients, essential oils help you live a happy healthier lifestyle!

Essential oils are safe and effective alternatives to commercial products. Filled with nourishing properties and relaxing aromas, each bottle of an essential oil soothes your mind, body, and spirit. It is important to pick the one that answers your needs and suits your taste as well.

Get to know more about the different essential oil brands. Find out the best features of each. Then we are going to help you choose the right brand of essential oil for you!


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    What to Expect from Our Reviews

    Essential Oils Care wants to give its readers correct and honest information. Grounded on this principle, we make sure that every brand review from this page is fair. They adhere to our testing procedures and guidelines. We see to it that everything falls under our review standards.

    Bottle of sage essential oil

    Expect not only truthful but also thorough review of essential oil brands. They are authentic and straightforward. For Essential Oils Care, there’s definitely no sugar coating. We gather and publish information that helps you make informed decisions. This is especially useful when choosing your essential oil brands.

    From brand history and background to complete product line – we are giving you the bits! Find out the brand’s source of ingredients and effectiveness. We understand that you, our readers, came here to get key information and sound advice on essential oils. Essential Oils Care takes responsibility for providing the pertinent data you need.

    Essential Oil Testing and Review

    To carry out the testing and review of essential oils successfully, we follow a set of guidelines and procedures. We give you a glimpse of how everything takes place. The key things we consider are discussed briefly as follows:

    Team of Experts

    The foundation of the entire testing and review is our team of experts. They organize, monitor, and manage the whole process. It starts from inception and execution. Then it moves forward with publication of results.

    Gloved hands of lab expert mixing up essential oils

    Our team of experts includes essential oil specialists, beauty experts, lab technicians, and natural living gurus. It is a strong group of people equipped with knowledge on essential oils.

    They assign groups, organize testing procedures, and set a scoring system based on industry standards. They give reports and insights that are reliable. Apart from being the backbone of the review, they conduct tests to determine how essential oils behave when blended.

    Test Groups

    Our test groups are composed of people pre-selected based on certain criteria. To ensure zero conflict of interest, he or she must not be a former employee or a relative of an employee in the companies of essential oil brands we review. Each participant undergoes patch testing to ensure safety. If they pass, they are classified into various test groups. One individual may fall under multiple groups.

    Skin Groups

    The skin groups focus on testing essential oils for skin care. They apply essential oils to face and body. Essential oils naturally help fight skin aging. They moisturize skin to make it hydrated and glowing. Regular use keeps skin healthy. These groups test their ability to give such results.

    • Normal Skin – Testers with normal skin belong to this test group. Their skin type has a soft and smooth texture. It has fine pores and a well-balanced moisture level.
    • Dry Skin – Our subjects with dry skin conditions fall under this group. Their skin type is rough and sometimes flaky with less moisture than normal.
    • Oily Skin – This group is composed of individuals with naturally oily skin. Oily skin has high sebum production. It has visible pores and a shiny appearance.
    • Combination Skin – Those testers with varying skin types on different areas of their bodies or face are in this group. A combination skin has an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) with normal to dry cheeks.
    • Acne-prone Skin – This skin group test essential oils that clear acne. We test on individuals within and past their puberty age who have pimples and acne breakouts.
    • Mature Skin – Testers with mature skin often experience having wrinkles and fine lines even when they are young. Other than checking for the effects of essential oils on the collagen and hyaluronic acid production of the skin, they also look for the potency of the oils. Potent oils will not only prevent further skin aging, they will help fade the signs of skin aging as well. Using hyaluronic acid serum also helps to keep skin moisturized.

    Hair Groups

    The hair groups focus on testing essential oils for hair care. They apply essential oils and oil-infused products to hair and scalp. Essential oils contain fatty acids and nutrients that keep hair healthy. Some essential oils, such as castor oil, promote hair growth. Castor oil is a well-known carrier oil widely used for hair care. Various brands create castor oil shampoo in order to cater to demands for hair growth shampoos. Castor oil shampoo boosts blood flow when applied to the scalp. Test groups look for the difference in the oils and shampoos and how the results differ. These groups test each brand for the effects of oils and oil-infused products.

    Hair groups are divided into subgroups. See them below:

    • Straight – This group is composed of individuals with straight hair. A straight hair has no curve. It has the most ability to look smooth and shiny.
      • Fine/Thin
      • Medium
      • Coarse
    • Wavy – Testers with wavy hair belong to this group. Wavy hair has a texture that goes between straight and curly. It somewhat creates an “S” shape.
      • Fine/Thin
      • Medium
      • Coarse
    • Curly – This group is for our curly-haired subjects. Their curly hair has finer twists and holds a definite curl pattern.
      • Loose
      • Tight
    • Kinky – Most of our subjects with kinky hair fall under this group. This type of hair has tighter coils with a definite “Z” pattern. It tends to be extremely dry.
      • Soft
      • Wiry

    NOTE: Skin and hair application are the most common ways to use essential oils topically. Regular use of these oils helps improve your appearance. They repair skin damage and heal dry skin. You get soft and smooth skin. These oils also nourish hair deeply. Your hair becomes vibrant and bouncy too!

    Learn more ways on how to use essential oils. Find out the different types of essential oils according to use. These oils are versatile. You can use them for hair care and skin care. Some are good for cooking while others a great for the household. Find out which essential oils you can take as medicine. Plus, learn the safety tips you need to know!

    Body Groups

    The body groups focus on testing essential oils for body and health. They use essential oils for diffusion and body massage. Essential oils have natural healing properties. Some make great massage oils. They help soothe body ailments and pain.

    A massage therapist giving a woman a back massage

    • Body Massage – In-house massage therapists give this test group a massage. They record any improvement of body conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis.
    • Aromatherapy – When testing for aromatherapy, the members of this test group inhale the oil scents through diffusion. Some oils are also suitable for direct inhalation. Testers inhale oil scents from the bottle or put a few drops on their palm. Effects on their mood, emotion, and overall well-being are observed and recorded.

    Learn how to use essential oils for aromatherapy effectively. Read the next page to find out its benefits for mind and body. Enjoy the relaxing effects of essential oils. They help calm anxiety and stress. Some oils can also boost energy and positive thoughts.

    Testing Procedure

    The team of experts outlines the testing procedure before it is carried out. It includes specifics such as time, frequency, and manner of application. Our experts provide oil blend recipes if needed. This recipe is the same for all users. It helps make unbiased judgments and results.

    Each product tester strictly adheres to the instructions to ensure fairness. They record their observations on test forms provided to them. The form includes a special section where they could relate personal experiences with the product. They can write comments and feedback.

    For every stage of the test, the testers take photos. This helps support their claims or results. All documents and images are given to the experts for further study.

    Point System

    For every essential oil product and brand, a tester fills out a designated test form. Each descriptive comment comes with a score. Products are scored from 1 to 5 in each item. The average of the total points gives the star rating. This is the star scale you see on every review page of essential oil brands we evaluate.

    Data Gathering and Documentation

    The filled out forms are collected and data are presented in tabular form. The team of experts takes this information for interpretation and discussion. Included in the documents are images taken by testers during testing. This supports their comments and feedback.

    Team of experts meeting in a conference room

    Conclusions and Results

    Finally, we make conclusions and publish results. Parts of our team are writers who translate information into reader-friendly articles. Most of our writers are health gurus and beauty experts who have a deep understanding of what you are looking for. To ensure correct information, our chief essential oil specialist acts as our head editor.

    How to Choose Your Essential Oil Brands

    The search for natural ways of healing begins as many health problems arise. As more users attest to proven effects of essential oils, they continuously gain popularity in the field of natural healing. You can choose essential oil types depending on the intended purpose. But you need to consider a few factors when selecting a brand.


    Check the aroma, thickness, and color when choosing essential oils. Every type of essential oil has distinct characteristics that determine its quality. The authenticity of some essential oils is determined by a thick consistency while it’s the lasting aroma for others. Always do your research before buying any essential oil product.

    Aside from the oil’s physical characteristics, you need to check other important factors. There are a number of ways in which the quality of essential oils may be compromised. We identify them as follows:

    • Raw Materials – The quality of a product begins with growing and harvesting of the plants. Make sure you are buying essential oil brands that use organic raw materials. Organic sources spare essential oil products the negative effects of pesticides and other chemical enhancers.
    • Processing – The actual production of essential oils affects their quality and effectiveness. Different methods of extraction may give products different properties. For example, a cold-pressed essential oil has a stronger healing property than a solvent extracted type. It’s because the latter may contain chemical impurities. Other extraction methods are enfleurage, steam distillation, and carbon dioxide extraction.
    • Packaging – Distribution and storage greatly affect the quality of an essential oil. Chemical change occurs with exposure to heat, light, and oxygen. Choose essential oil brands with standard packaging that prevents spoilage and loss of natural properties. The container should be a dark amber glass bottle with tightly closed cap.


    Looking for the least expensive products is never the best way to finding the best brand. Likewise, that does not mean you should go for the priciest one. You always want the quality of your essential oils to be worth its price. Doing a little research and reading a couple reviews about essential oil brands will help you make a smart decision. Through this, you can enjoy the benefits of using essential oils at a reasonable price.


    Adulteration of essential oil products is common among retailers. They do this by diluting essential oils with cheaper essential oils of similar properties. This gives you a product that may not be as effective as 100% pure essential oils. Being pure also means the essential oil is chemical-free. It must not contain any preservatives and additives.

    For you to avoid knockoff goods, find a trusted brand that specializes in essential oils. It must be known for providing high-quality goods.

    Rosemary essential oils on dark wooden background

    Product Range

    There is always a perfect essential oil for specific needs. Try checking the brand’s complete product range. A brand that offers a wide selection is always ahead of its competitors. They provide customers with more options. With essential oil brands, they help you find the essential oils you are looking for quickly.

    You don’t have to source out essential oils for hair care, skin care, and body care from different essential oil brands. You can get away from this hassle by choosing brands that offer more choices.


    Looking for certificates, seals, or logos is one way to establish trust with essential oil brands.

    Most high-quality products that are gaining recognition today are USDA certified organic. The USDA or United States Department of Agriculture promotes product safety and protection of natural resources.  A USDA seal indicates it is an authentic organic product and has undergone set standards.

    Another useful indication is an ECOCERT seal. ECOCERT is an internationally recognized certification body for natural and organic cosmetics. The organization was founded in France in 1991. Now, it is present in major countries around the world including the USA, Japan, Canada, and Germany. It developed standards that ensure cosmetic products are safe for the users and the environment.

    You can verify these details by checking the product label and the brand’s official website.


    You always want to deal with a customer-centric seller. Brands with customer support and a user-friendly e-commerce site are top-notch in this category. They must provide great customer service and share knowledge on how to use essential oils effectively. You also get information on the best applications for your needs. They should accept customer concerns willingly. A brand that gives essential oil lessons is important in perfecting the art of using essential oils.

    As your most trusted source on everything about essential oils, Essential Oils Care wants to make sure you find the right product and brand that works for you. We want you to have the most wonderful experience with nature’s essences. Therefore, we make sure that every review we make leads you to the right decisions. Let our tips bring you the true power of essential oils to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

    For more guide on the uses and different types of essential oils, check out the next page. Learn important tips and tricks for more efficient use of essential oils.

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