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Internal Oils

Internal Oils and Their Classifications


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    Essential Oils Care - Internal Oils

    Is it Safe to Ingest Oil?

    We can use internal oils and essential oils for a number of purposes. It is important to know the classifications to understand the proper essential oil uses.

    Not all kinds of oils are ideal for ingestion. You may see oils in the drugstore market with the “internal oil” label on it. This does not automatically mean that the oil is There are some internal oils that work best for the hair and the face but should not be added to food and drinks.

    There is a difference between the essential oil uses. There are essential oils that you can take orally while there are some that you can apply topically.

    When Is Oil Safe To Ingest?

    There are types of oils that provide an array of health benefits when you ingest it. Some of these internal oils would include citrus oils like lemon oil. You can use lemon oil when there is a problem in the stomach’s mucous membrane. It can protect the gut and improve enzyme secretion. It also stimulates glutathione production, which is healthy for the body.

    In Ingesting oils, it is best to consult experts or your doctor first. An aromatherapist would provide advice on which types of oils you can take. They will also give you the basics of essential oil ingestion and all the safety precautions.

    What are Internal Oils?

    Internal oils are essential oils that are ideal for mixing with food and drinks. This makes them safe for ingestion. Coconut oil is one type of internal oil. You can ingest peppermint oil and lemon essential oil safely in small doses. Coconut oil works wonders for the stomach. It has antibacterial properties that rid the body of toxins once you ingest it. When taking coconut oil, do so in moderation. This will cause damages to your body with overuse.

    Essential Oils Care - Internal Oils

    Types of Internal Oils

    Lemon oil is a common mixture in food and drinks. This internal oil is perfect for easing indigestion and nausea, and it has a lot of detoxifying properties. Peppermint is also one type of oil that we can include in the list of oils that can we can ingest. It is also perfect to cure indigestion.

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