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Topical Oils

Topical Oils And Their Different Uses


Topical oils are ideal for different types of health problems. We can apply it on different parts of the body like other essential oil uses. The idea for topical oil is to use the oils for whole body support. This also targets specific areas that are experiencing certain problems.

Skin Oil for Improving Radiance and Firmness

Hair Oil for Lustrous Shine and Resilient Strands

Beard Oil Products and Its Variety in the Market

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    Dilution of Topical Oil

    Before using it, mix essential oils or topical oils, including hair oil, with a number of ingredients. For example, you can dilute a pure vegetable oil so that the essential oil would be easier to absorb. The purpose of diluting the oil is to enhance its ability to enter the body without clogging the pores. Diluting essential oils can also prevent a high sensitivity response.

    Essential Oils Care - Topical Oils

    Different Kinds of Essential Oils for Topical Use

    There are some types of aromatherapy oils that you no longer need to dilute. Their formulation is lightweight, and we can use it directly. Some of these topical oils include lavender oil, frankincense oil, Melissa oil, and sandalwood oil. These types of topical oils are the ones we can consider as skin friendly essential oils.

    There is a variety of essential oil uses and learning how they work will prove valuable for someone who is health conscious.

    What Are The Types Of Oils In Need Of Dilution?

    Topical oils like Cinnamon, Clove, Thyme and Oregano need to undergo dilution before we can apply them on the skin. Blending it them with carrier oils can give desirable and fast results.

    Essential Oils Care - Topical Oils

    What Are Sensitive Oils?

    Bergamot oil, ginger oil, peppermint oil and black pepper oil are strong types of oil.

    Essential oils are already potent. By simply using 1-2 drops, you can already achieve the benefits you are looking for. It is not necessary to increase your dosage.

    Will The Dilution Process Reduce The Effectiveness Of The Oil?

    The dilution process is safe and it does not reduce the ability of the essential oils to provide healing benefits. This also proves to be true when it comes to beard oil. When you mix even a small amount of this oil with other blends or essences still provides great effects for facial hair.

    Areas of the Body Ideal for Topical Oil Application

    We can apply essential oils over the abdomen, arms, legs, and back. Massaging the oil over the arms and legs can reduce swelling and body pain.

    There are some essential oils on the other hand that can be applied on the soft palette of the mouth. It proves that this can transform the mood and balance emotions upon application.

    There are hundreds of other ways that essential oils can improve your daily life.

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