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bark essential oil

Bark Essential Oil


Essential Oils have different uses and kinds. Learning about specific types and how they work gives a lot of benefits. One of the best ways to get some helpful information is to read about essential oils guide and learn about the properties and benefits of each oil.

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    What is Bark Essential Oil?

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    Bark essential oil, also popular for its name as cinnamon oil, has its roots from South Asia. Today, you can easily find some in different parts of the world.  There are two types of bark essential oil and these are the Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese Cinnamon.

    Bark essential oil is an ideal anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is also effective for boosting the defense of the body against bacteria.  It is perfect for improving blood circulation. It can also remove the presence of acne on the skin. You can use bark oil together with vitamin C serum to support its effects on the skin. These two products make your skin brighter, softer, and younger-looking.

    Bark oil is also useful for removing free radicals in the body that causes skin aging. Inhaling it can decrease the levels of depression and is also perfect for fighting parasites inside the body.

    There are some experts who also recommend the cinnamon bark to increase sexual libido for men and women. It is used in India to improve brain function and works as a good brain tonic. You can use cinnamon bark to relieve tension and to combat the effects of memory loss.  If you want to improve your focus and improve your memory retention then this is the essential oil for you.

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