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Castor Oil


Castor Oil is popular in countries like India and other parts of Asia due to the many wonders this oil can provide for the mind, body, and spirit. Sourced out from plants, this vegetable oil is also a flower essential oil.

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    Why is it Effective?

    Pure castor oil is effective due to the presence of a rare compound inside the plant called the ricinoleic acid. This ingredient is unique for containing an abundance of this substance. Ricinoleic acid has the ability to provide moisture for the skin and used to in skin and hair care products because of its health benefits.

    This acid has the ability to increase blood circulation, prevents the growth of yeasts and molds, and supports the lymphatic system. It has antibacterial properties that also kill bacteria and germs.  Using castor oil for skin is widely known because of its ability to heal inflammation.

    Essential Oils Care - Castor Oil

    Benefits of Castor Absolute Oil

    Castor Absolute oil delivers lots of benefits not only for the health but also for skin and hair. Cold pressed castor oil improves nourishes and improves the appearance of hair and skin. This essential oil is especially abundant in ricinoleic acid. It is a fatty substance that is linked to the many benefits of castor oil. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, they can relieve skin conditions such as acne, itching, and swelling.

    Castor oil also boosts blood circulation which is beneficial both for skin and hair. It also has antibacterial properties that protect skin from damages caused by bacteria and germs. Here are some benefits of castor absolute oil.

    Castor Oil Boosts Immune System

    One of the best ways to prevent coughs and colds from escalating to a full-blown fever or influenza is to use Castor oil. This oil is a famous medicine in naturopathy. It will naturally boost the immune system and enhance the healing process. It also reduces the chances of the onset of flu.

    Fights Off Bacteria and Toxins

    Castor oil is effective for ridding toxins in the lymph nodes. It does this by pumping out the bacteria that are causing trouble to the body. When you are experiencing an enlarged lymph node in select areas of the body, use castor oil to reduce swelling and to fight off infection.

    Castor Oil for Balancing Hormones

    Castor Absolute oil helps balance hormones and increase sexual appetite. It is effective when it comes to the regulation of hormone production. The body also improves when it comes to balancing hormones all throughout.

    Deeply Moisturizes Skin

    Since castor oil has moisturizing properties, it is great for hydrating the skin. It also promotes the production of elastin and collagen which are two of the most vital substances for skin health. This aids in fading signs of skin aging. It is able to make the skin look younger and firmer.

    Essential Oils Care - Castor Oil

    Heals Acne

    Other skin care cosmetics and products only promise to reduce the dark spots on the skin, but not really eliminate acne. This is because the ingredients do not really address the root of the problem. Applying castor oil for face helps in healing and preventing the onset of acne.

    Castor oil has the ability to seep through the skin and unclog the pores. It also removes the bacteria and impurities from the surface of the skin. Using it leaves the skin smooth and soft after application. Because of its natural properties, it will not damage the skin. Castor oil digs deeper and works on it to resolve the issues when it comes to skin and hair care.

    Treats Skin Conditions and Infections

    This wonder oil effectively reduces the signs of toenail and finger fungus. It is also used to get rid of persistent infections like moles and cysts. To use the castor oil for this type of skin disorders, you need to mix baking soda with castor oil and apply the mixture directly to the affected area. This will have a strong cleansing effect and prevent fungus and other skin disorders from developing.

    Natural Mild Laxative

    Natural Mild Laxative can help ease constipation. If you are having a hard time removing toxins in your body then drinking castor oil is the best thing to do. There are castor oil supplement soft gels if you find drinking it unbearable. It will cleanse the system and help regulate metabolism, eliminating the toxins in the small intestines and removing bad bacteria.

    Faster and Healthier Hair Growth

    If you are having a hard time making your hair grow, then try using Castor oil for hair. This essential oil has the ability to promote healthy hair growth. It works well even in growing eyelashes and facial hair. It has omega-6 fatty acids that help make the hair shine and also improve blood circulation which boosts the health of the scalp.

    Massage onto the hair and scalp, and leave overnight before washing it out to allow it to seep through the skin. Mix with other essential oils like olive oil and jojoba oil to increase its benefits and make your hair stand out shinier and longer.

    What is the Best Type of Castor Oil to Use?

    The best kind of castor oil to use is Castor Absolute oil. It already comes diluted and contains pure oils extracted from plants. Go for brands that offer high-quality cold-pressed castor oil online or in local stores. Using castor oil for hair growth is its most known use, the reason why it falls under the category of hair products.

    Castor oil that provides a wide range of benefits aside for skin has a high quality. It is also best to opt with a formula that made used of purely natural ingredients. Commercial products often contain alcohols and chemicals. They can be harsh on the skin or for the hair. This is why natural formulas are considerably safer. Use of the finest ingredients is also a factor that affects the benefits that the product brings. The best type of castor oil has a natural but potent formula effective for personal care.

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