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Clove Oil Aromatherapy


There are a lot of uses for clove oil not only for personal care but also for healing the body and mind. Its scent has wonderful properties that help give it its effectivity when it comes to aromatherapy. It stimulates the mind to create a more relaxing atmosphere. There are various ways in which it can be applied and used. Discover more of its wonders in aromatherapy.

Some use clove oil for treating conditions of the skin and body. When applied on the skin, it helps soothe inflammation. It aids in clearing and healing acne. Clove oil is also effective in lessening the effects of signs of skin aging. But one of its more popular uses lies in aromatherapy.

Essential Oils Care - Clove Oil Aromatherapy

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    Clove Oil Aromatherapy Properties

    Clove oil has natural compounds that help give it its effects and scent. Its aroma is unique and has been of great value in various cultures. Not only is it a popular ingredient in making perfumes but it also has common uses in creating soaps and bath salts. Its warm and spicy scent is perfect for using for minor respiratory problems.

    Put a clove oil in a burner, diffuser or vaporizer to let its warm scent envelope the atmosphere. This is helpful in alleviating signs of bronchitis. It is also a natural stimulant that can affect the user positively when exposed to its fragrance.

    Therapeutic Effects of Clove Oil Aromatherapy

    Aside from its great uses in soothing respiratory issues, clove oil aromatherapy is also famous for its effects in easing dizziness and nausea. Fight lethargy and the feel of weakness by taking a whiff of clove oil’s scent. Though it can’t fully chase depression away, it will bring you positivity and help lighten your mood.

    For sleepless nights, use on a diffuser or apply on a pillow. Smelling it for a long period of time helps women cope with morning sickness.

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