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Lavender Oil Aromatherapy


Essential oils are our go-to treatments if we want to soothe our minds from stress. Lavender oil is one of those essential oils that you will always see on the must-have lists for calming the mind. Lavender oil aromatherapy brings a handful of benefits. These treats are those that you may want to try especially if stress is eating you up.

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    Lavender Oil Aromatherapy Benefits

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    Before jumping right into a bottle of lavender oil, let’s first know what are the benefits of lavender oil aromatherapy. Its most popular effect is its ability to help induce sleep. Diffusing lavender oil can bring out its rich scent and this helps the senses to calm. The body will slowly drift to sleep giving it a relaxed and healthy sleep.

    The scent of lavender oil also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Lavender oil’s vapor is also said to be helpful for respiratory problems. Though not be used as a medicine, lavender oil is proven to be effective in soothing asthma.

    Studies have also found that lavender oil’s scent is ideal for improving the blood’s circulation. It is still best to rely on proper medications. Lavender oil is only an option if you want to boost the health of your body.

    How to Use Lavender Oil Aromatherapy

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    Steaming or diffusing the oil is the one and only way to extract lavender oil’s rich scent. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the use of diffusers. You can easily grab one of those from any wellness stores or even department stores. This is also the most effective especially if you want to spread the scent through the whole room.

    You can also get creative! Mix lavender oil with other essential oils that you like to add a little personal touch to your aromatherapy.

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