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peel essential oil

Peel Essential Oil


Did you know that we can turn fruit peels to essential oils? The process is simple, and anyone can do it! Like what other essential oils guide would say, fruits like lemons are usually the ones that are perfect for peel essential oils. The first thing to do is wash the fruits before cold pressing it. The fruit needs to be completely clean has to remove any bacteria that might get in during the extraction process.  Instead of buying essential oils, like Bergamot Oil, there are some who try to create their own peel essential oil at home.

How To Make Peel Essential Oil

Essential Oils Care - Peel Essential Oil

You can create peel essential oils using a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, a coffee filter or cheese cloth, vodka and indentured ethyl alcohol oil. To make the essential oil you need to dry the fruit peel using a paper towel and put then somewhere warm or in direct sunlight until they turn hard. This would normally take two to three days.

Just place the fruit peels should in a glass jar together with the vodka and hot tap water. Screw the lid and shake the jar for a couple of minutes. Leave this for 3-4 days and shake from time to time. The longer the shake, the better the result.

After this, strain the peels into the bowl using the cheese cloth or coffee filter and squeeze all of it into the bowl.  Cover the dish using the cheese cloth and let it sit for a few days undisturbed until the essential oil peels come out naturally.

Where to Buy Peel Essential Oil

If making your own peel essential oil is not your thing, you can always buy it in physical stores or online.

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