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Resin Essential Oil


With a variety of essential oils, finding a product that will suit your needs is easier. Oils are rich in minerals and nutrients that will heal and nourish both body and mind. There are different kinds of essential oils depending on their sources. Here’s a concise essential oils guide on the different kinds of resin and its uses.

Resin oil mostly has thicker consistencies and diluted with lighter oils. Resins are not fit to use on skin and hair. Their usual uses include varnishing and for adhesives. But there are resins that contain essential oils good for the skin and hair.

Essential Oils Care - Resin Essential Oil

Kinds of Resin Essential Oil

Resins are substances produced when trees are injured. Trees secrete a thick and sticky substance which called a resin. The most common types of resin would include the balm of Gilead, balsam, dragon trees, myrrh of shrubs, and turpentine as well as pine resin. According to many essential oils guides, some of the most commonly used examples of resin turned into essential oils would include Myrrh, Benzoin, and Frankincense.

Most companies who are in the commercial market look into the faster production of resin oils. They cut the tree in various spots where resin is most likely to appear. Natural resins formed into essential oils deliver more therapeutic effects. Since most resins are too thick for massage oils, they have more uses in aromatherapy and perfumery.

How to Use Resin Essential Oil

Before you can use resin oils like frankincense and myrrh essential oils, you would need to dilute it first. After diluting, these essential are now good for mixing with other skin or hair care products. Plain resin essential oils work best as food glazing agents. But when mixed with other organic and raw materials, it is possible to produce perfumes.

Frankincense and Myrrh are also valued for their ability to soothe pain. In Ancient China, they used resins to remove toxins in the body and to promote faster healing of wounds and infections. They also use them to reduce swelling and heal fracture in the different areas of the body.

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