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Rhizome Essential Oil


Rhizomes are a kind of crop mostly considered as root stalks. These are plants that have long roots and shoots that grow upwards. Ginger is a good example of rhizome. According to many essential oils guide, oils extracted from these crops offer a lot of therapeutic effects the body and mind.

They also come in earthy scents likened to herbs and crops. There are different kinds of rhizome essential oils but one of its most popular types is ginger oil.

Essential Oils Care - Rhizome Essential Oil

Rhizome Essential Oil Application

Ginger essential oil delivers a wide range of health benefits for the user. When ingested, it proves to be therapeutic for the body and can soothe its many conditions. Ginger oil is effective against inflammation and for nausea. It also has other effects and works for a number of health problems. It works to improve digestion; and is effective as an expectorant.

For topical application, use rhizome essential oil for wounds and infections. It will promote faster healing and speeds up the natural processes of the body.

Rhizome Essential Oil Benefits

The benefits of ginger essential oil would include the ability to cure respiratory problems as well as menstrual disorders. The ginger oil can help you digest your food better. It also has uses for cooking. It softens meat and cancels any foul or fishy odor.

Ginger essential oil can cure a number of stomach problems. When taken orally, it soothes upset stomach and is effective against indigestion, diarrhea, flatulence, colic, spasms as and other bowel related problems. Add in tea or mix with water and consume.

If you are trying to gain some weight, you can also use rhizome essential oil. Adding it to your drink will boost your appetite. It can also be used to cure food poisoning and reduce side effects like nausea and vomiting when ingested.

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