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Root Essential Oil


There are crops, herbs, and plants that provide lots of therapeutic benefits. Extracts from these organic ingredients contain an abundance of minerals and nutrients. According to some essential oils guide, oils are extracted from fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, flowers, and even roots. Different kinds of essential oils are available for various purposes.

Essentials Oil Care - Root Essential Oil

What is a Root Essential Oil?

There are several types of root essential oil. It is basically the essence taken from roots of crops, herbs, or plants. Some of the examples of roots essential oils would include the Angelica root oils, ginger root oils, spikenard essential oils as well as Vetiver essential oil.

Oils like the Angelica Root oil can help in fighting a number of infections. When applied on the body, it has the ability to stimulate the natural processes of removing toxins inside the body. Root oils are also effective when used as stress relievers. Mix with one or a blend of various oils to use in reducing anxiety and to provide relief.

When mixed with other essential oils, root oils deliver boosted effects. Their uses not only lie in massage and therapies. Root oils are also ingredients for perfumes, lotions, soaps, and other personal care products. Some would even add it with spice oils like orange and bergamot oils to create even more interesting and effective blends.

Root Essential Oil Applications

Some essential oils taken from roots of crops and plants are also effective as food flavoring agents. Mix with carrier oils or personal care products like shampoo and soap to get great results. Some root oils are fit for ingestion. Add in tea or use for cooking.

There are also selected root essential oils that are suitable for massage. To use for relieving stress and anxiety, use one to two drops in a diffuser. You can also apply some oil on the soles of your feet. Its fragrance will help lull you to sleep.

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