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Argan Oil for Hair

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Care


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Never let a bad hair day beat you! The nourishing benefits of Moroccan argan oil got your back when it comes to hair care. It contains essential fatty acids that help repair and condition hair in every strand.

Hair that is shiny, soft, and smooth is a wonderful sign of healthy hair. Argan oil naturally carries hair-enhancing properties that leave hair vibrant and glossy with every use. Every drop captures the essence of natures’ beauty. It offers a fortune of vitamins and minerals that treat common hair issues.

If you are looking for best ways to use argan oil for hair care, you are finally in the place to be. Essential Oils Care gives you access to important details you need to make argan oil work. Check out our usage tips and easy-to-do recipes to reap fabulous hair benefits in no time!

Grow Longer Hair with Argan Oil

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    Why Use Argan Oil for Hair

    Argan oil has long been used for hair and skin care by Moroccan women. The news about its wonderful benefits in beauty and personal care has reached many parts of the world. Now, it ranks as one of the most sought-after beauty secrets. Even some famous celebrities like Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Jennifer Lopez are said to use this oil. How did these gorgeous celebs who are over forty manage to maintain their beauty? The secret lies in argan oil, which many calls as “liquid gold”. Here are the things that make it suitable for hair care:

    Hand pouring argan oil from a glass bottle

    Effective Conditioner

    Let dull and lifeless hair bounce back to life by giving it the proper nourishment and moisture it needs. Argan oil is naturally rich in moisture that keeps hair well hydrated. Apply it on your locks to provide the moisture it needs without falling flat. Argan oil makes an ideal conditioner that makes hair soft and sleek with extra shine!

    Contains Nourishing Compounds

    Argan oil holds a vast amount of nourishing compounds that naturally occur in nature. It replenishes hair with essential nutrients such as vitamins and fatty acids that promote healthy growth of hair. It contains an abundant amount of fatty acids, about 80% of its composition.

    Your hair will also benefit from the vitamin E found in argan oil. These potent antioxidants help repair damaged hair follicles. Some aromatic compounds present in argan oil also provide disinfectant and antiseptic benefits. This balances the scalp and prevents scalp infections.

    Great Styling Product

    Applying argan oil to hair does not make it feel greasy or clumpy, unlike other commercial styling products. It has a lightweight texture you will love – not too watery but not too sticky. It absorbs easily and won’t leave any greasy residue. It makes hair softer and smoother so it’s easier to style.

    Protects Hair from Damage

    Got dry and weak hair? Use argan oil to combat these common signs of hair damage. Unlike many commercial products that are mostly chemical-laden, argan oil is safe and won’t damage your lovely tresses. In fact, it protects your hair from the sun as it repairs damaged strands. Apply a few drops of argan oil to hair before using heat styling tools or spending long hours under the sun. Simply work the oil from roots to tips for heat protection.

    Want to make argan oil more effective when used for hair? Check out the complete guide in essential oils from Essential Oils Care – your trusted resource for all things about essential oils.

    Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Hair Care

    The use of argan oil is very popular in the hair care scene. Many of the leading hair care brands today create argan-oil-infused products that sell like crazy! Ever wonder why? It’s because argan oil provides many hair benefits many hair aficionados are actually looking for. Try argan oil for hair care and experience these hair benefits yourself:

    Beautiful brunette with long wavy hair

    Conditions and Moisturizes Hair

    When you wash your hair with shampoo, especially those with a strong formulation, it may wash out your hair’s natural oil. Using argan oil replenishes that lost moisture. It provides each strand with a thin coating that prevents dryness.

    Grows Longer Hair

    Argan oil makes an effective treatment for hair loss. By treating your scalp regularly with argan oil, it stimulates the hair follicles to produce more hair and encourage faster hair growth. You can use it as a natural remedy that thickens your hair.

    Relieves Dry Itchy Scalp

    Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. An unhealthy scalp can be due to lack of natural oil, inflamed scalp, or infection. Argan oil works on the scalp by giving it enough moisture to sustain its natural oil levels. It’s an excellent scalp treatment that stops flaking and itchiness.

    Tames Frizz and Split Ends

    With a few drops of argan oil, put stray hair to rest! Get rid of split ends, frizzes, and flyaway by working the oil from the roots to the ends of your hair.  It is best used as a leave-in conditioner, working on hair to make it more manageable and easy to style. It polishes your look for a sleek and glossy finish.

    Restores Damaged Hair

    Hair damage can be due to excessive heat, styling, and use of chemical-based products. These result to dry and brittle hair with rough strands. You can finally undo these nasty signs of unhealthy hair with argan oil. It contains vitamin E that helps rebuild hair strands and fatty acids to keep them healthy. It nourishes hair from within for stronger hair that’s resilient to breakage.

    How do you make sure your hair gets all these awesome benefits? Find out with tips on efficient and safe use of essential oil products on the link below.

    Argan Oil in Hair Products

    Due to argan oil’s hair-enhancing properties and nourishing value, it’s no surprise why it became one of the key ingredients in various hair care products today.  Many hair care brands discovered its worth and crafted new hair products infused with Moroccan argan oil.

    You can try using argan oil shampoos and argan oil conditioners. They provide your hair with instant nourishment that it needs. Even in salon products such as hair masks and hair treatments, Moroccan argan oil is a sought-after ingredient. It makes them more beneficial and safe compared to chemical treatments.

    TIP: Did you know that you can actually create your own argan-oil-infused hair product at home? Simply add a few drops of argan oil to your regular hair products like shampoos and conditioners. Close the cap and shake to mix well. Then, use hair product as usual to enjoy the benefits of argan oil for hair.

    Woman's fingers running through her brown hair, applying argan oil product

    How to Use Pure Argan Oil for Hair

    Using pure argan oil as your regular hair upkeep is very easy. Here are the two ways you can enjoy its awesome benefits for your hair:

    As Hair Mask


    • Argan oil
    • Glass jar
    • Large bowl
    • Hot Water
    • Applicator brush
    • Shower cap
    • Mild shampoo
    • Clean towel


    1. Pour a generous amount of oil into a glass jar.
    2. Warm the oil using a large bowl filled with hot water. Leave it for about 3 to 4 minutes.
    3. Apply the oil to your scalp using your fingers or an applicator brush if available.
    4. Massage to entire scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes to boost blood circulation.
    5. Apply oil to the rest of the hair, up to the ends.
    6. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for 60 minutes. If you have long hair, wrap it in a bun. You may also leave it overnight, allowing the oil to soak into your hair and scalp thoroughly.
    7. Wash hair (in the morning, if left overnight) using a mild shampoo.
    8. Dry hair with a towel.

    TIP: Leaving the hair mask overnight will allow the oil’s nutrients to absorb completely into hair strands. This helps the oil work more effectively for incredibly smooth and shiny hair.

    As Hair Serum


    • Argan oil
    • Glass dropper


    1. Take a few drops of oil using a glass dropper and put them unto your palm.
    2. Apply the oil to damp hair.
    3. Work the oil evenly from roots to tips.
    4. Style hair as usual.

    TIP: It is best to apply argan oil as a hair serum before using a blow dryer or hair straightening iron. Using it daily also protects hair from damage due to excessive exposure to the sun.

    Wonder what other applications you can use argan oil and other essential oil products for? Learn different ways to use essential oils for aromatherapy, massage, and personal care.

    Argan Oil Recipes for Hair Care

    While you can use argan oil for hair in pure form, you can put a little spin on it by creating various oil blends and homemade hair masks with argan oil. Try these simple yet effective argan oil hair care recipes:

    To view of ingredients for homemade recipe; two bottles of argan oil, lemon slice, aloe vera, and cucumber

    Argan Oil Hair Mask Recipe

    Transform your hair and give it extra shine and bounce. This all-natural hair mask uses ingredients you can find in your kitchen. It nourishes, revives, and strengthens hair!


    • 1 egg yolk
    • 1 tablespoon argan oil
    • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
    • 1 teaspoon olive oil


    1. Put all ingredients in a bowl and whip until the mask is pasty. You may use a hand or electric mixer.
    2. Apply the mask to hair, making sure the entire length is covered.
    3. Cover your head with a shower cap or warm towel.
    4. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes.
    5. Wash and rinse hair using a gentle shampoo.

    Argan Oil Conditioner Recipe

    Make hair super smooth and silky with this natural conditioner made with argan oil. You can add a few drops of aromatic essential oils of your choice to give it a boost of fragrance.


    • 1 tablespoon argan oil
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 6 drops of any of these aromatic essential oils:
      • Lavender essential oil
      • Rose absolute essential oil
      • Lemon oil


    1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a hand mixer. Use an electric mixer if it is difficult to mix.
    2. Apply the conditioner to damp hair and massage it into your scalp. Use a comb to distribute the conditioner throughout the length of your hair.
    3. If hair is long, tie it in a bun. Then cover your head with a shower cap.
    4. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
    5. Rinse hair with gentle shampoo.

    Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Serum Recipe

    Before blow-drying or ironing your hair, coat it with this leave-in hair serum that provides hair with argan oil’s hair-conditioning benefits and protection against damage.


    • 2 ounces argan oil
    • 5 drops geranium essential oil
    • 5 drops cedarwood essential oil
    • 10 drops ylang-ylang essential oil


    1. Add geranium, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang essential oils into a bottle of argan oil. Make sure the bottle has enough space to hold everything.
    2. Close the cap and shake to mix well.
    3. Use 3 to 4 drops of the hair serum on damp hair, or as needed.
    4. Comb and style hair as usual.

    How to Find the Best Argan Oil for Hair

    Every hair care journey starts with picking the right product. Don’t let knock-off goods rip off your money! Here are tips on how to choose the right argan oil product for your hair:

    Girl outdoors with healthy hair blown by the wind

    • Choose 100% pure argan oil that has been cold-pressed.
    • Use cosmetic grade argan oil, not the culinary type. Cosmetic grade argan oil contains a higher amount of essential nutrients for healthy hair.
    • Purchase from reputable sources that offer high-quality products. You can try looking at pharmacies or organic health stores. If buying in department stores, go to the beauty section and ask for the natural products aisle. Otherwise, try buying argan oil online. It’s the most convenient and efficient way of getting your own bottle of argan oil for hair care. You may visit Amazon or the brand’s website itself!
    • Speaking of brands, go for the brands known for providing high-quality essential oil products like argan oil.

    Want to find out the best brands of essential oils that made it to our top list? Check out our reviews of various essential oil brands and see which one works for you.

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