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Argan Oil Uses

Use Argan Oil for Overall Health and Wellness


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Argan oil is very popular for its wonderful benefits for hair and skin. No wonder why pure Moroccan argan oil has been one of the most sought-after ingredients of many beauty products today. Who knew there are more uses of argan oil than just beauty? Now, more users are discovering its versatile qualities – including uses for the body, food preparation, and even wellness.

One of the things you will love about argan oil is its wide range of applications. Every drop has nourishing properties that are beneficial from the top of your head to the tip of your toenails! Essential Oils Care gives you all the bits and pieces about argan oil uses. Open your horizons to the many possibilities and benefits of using argan oil.

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    Hair Care Uses of Argan Oil

    As a hair care partner, argan oil holds a bunch of essential nutrients that promote hair health. You can get all its nourishing benefits through these various argan oil uses for hair care.

    Beautiful woman smiling; her hair blown by the wind

    Hair Conditioner

    Relieve dry and brittle hair instantly when you use argan oil as a hair conditioner. It is rich in moisture that makes hair soft and shiny. Applying it to your hair as a leave-in conditioner provides a thin coating that helps lock in moisture. This prevents over-drying that often leads to dullness and lack of bounce. Therefore, your hair stays smooth and glossy.

    Styling Product

    If you are looking for a styling product that feels great on your hair, argan oil is perfect! It does not feel greasy at all. With a fast-absorbing action, it makes hair smoother and easier to style. Before using any heat styling tools, apply a thin layer of argan oil on your hair. While it conditions your hair, it also protects it from damage.

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Help your hair stay on your head and prevent them from falling off by using argan oil. One of the key compounds present in it is vitamin E. This is known to help strengthen hair, so they become more resilient to breakage. Hair loss and hair fall can be due to scalp problems such as dryness and irritation. Argan oil carries anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve these conditions to prevent hair fall.

    Hair Growth Enhancer

    As argan oil strengthens hair, it also boosts the natural growth of new hair strands. It contains about 80% fatty acids, which support hair growth. These fatty acids nourish the hair from the hair bulb. Therefore, it stays healthy as it grows longer. Massaging your scalp regularly with this oil stimulates the hair follicles to encourage faster growth of hair.

    Damaged Hair Treatment

    Badly need to cut your hair short because of damage? If you are stuck in an iffy situation, whether to chop it or not, using argan oil for hair care will help make up your mind. The essential nutrients found in argan oil nourish and repair damaged strands from within. Added shine and smoothness will bring the bounce and vibrancy back to your hair too. With argan oil, you can get rid of hair damage without actually losing an inch. So off with the scissors, yes to beautiful hair!

    Skin Care Uses of Argan Oil

    Need a natural and effective beauty product that nourish and protect your skin? Here are different argan oil uses for skin care to combat various skin problems.

    Pretty girl caressing her soft smooth skin

    Skin Moisturizer

    Give your skin a little bit of moisture by using argan oil. You can apply it every night on your face before bedtime as a regular moisturizer. The oil quickly absorbs so you don’t have to worry about any oily residue most commercial products have. Just put few drops of oil to your face and neck in a circular motion. It effectively prevents drying and flaking of skin, especially during the winter season.

    The best thing about argan oil as a skin moisturizer is it rubs in very well. It does not feel sticky and leaves skin soft and hydrated. You can also use it to target very dry areas such as your elbows and knees for healthy skin all over.

    For pregnant women, argan oil is ideal to use during the nine-month pregnancy. It makes the skin more elastic, preventing the appearance of stretch marks after giving birth.

    Acne Treatment

    Acne prone skin is usually due to overproduction of sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Argan oil contains a good amount of fatty acids proven to neutralize oily skin. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties help reduce the swelling and pain that may be associated with acne. Argan oil clears acne without scarring. Use it as a daily acne treatment to simmer down breakouts and restore healthy skin back.

    Anti-Aging Solution

    Skin aging signs such as wrinkles and dark spots are two of the toughest skin problems people want to get rid of. Argan oil packs a lot of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These compounds help restore a youthful complexion. It includes vitamin E and vitamin A that both work to restore damaged skin fibers.  This effectively fades signs of skin aging while keeping skin hydrated and glowing.

    Dry Lip Treatment

    Suffering from dry cracked lips? Not very attractive, isn’t it? Argan oil makes an amazing substitute for lip balm. Just take a drop or two of argan oil and rub it to your lips. It relieves cracked lips while keeping them soft and smooth. Always keep a little bottle of argan oil ready during cold months for instant remedy to any chapped lips situation.

    Want to make sure you get these hair and skin benefits you need from argan oil? Learn how to spot knock-off goods and tips to guarantee your safety with essential oils.

    Other Uses of Argan Oil for Body

    Argan oil has more amazing uses for the rest of the body. It’s not just about hair and skin anymore. Here are more applications and benefits of argan oil for the body.

    Caucasian man getting his beard groomed

    Razor Burn Treatment

    This is good news for men with beards. Do you often get razor burns and bumps that are ridiculously irritating? Use argan oil as after-shave oil to ease that. Just smooth a few drops of argan oil after shaving. It soothes the pain and boosts healing. For the ladies, you can also use the oil after shaving your legs. Put a few drops of oil into your palms and work on affected areas.

    Nail and Cuticle Treatment

    Pure organic argan oil makes a great nail treatment that toughen nail plates naturally. This protects your nail beds while preventing nail infections. If you have chipped nails, grow them back with argan oil. Simply take a drop or two and apply on your nails. Rub on surrounding cuticles as well to keep them soft and smooth.

    Foot, Hand, and Heel Treatment

    Sometimes, skin on some areas of our bodies gets super dry. Your hands, feet, and heels are some of the most common body parts that often do a lot of work. And they could turn flaky, hard, and cracked sometimes. Give them a nice pampering they deserve with a few drops of oil. Apply it to affected areas to make them softer and properly hydrated.

    Looking for more essential oil products you can also use for hair, skin, and body? Essential oils naturally have healing properties that improve our health. Meet various types of essential oils and learn about their uses and benefits.

    Argan Oil Uses in Cosmetics

    Every product you use to beautify or enhance your looks is considered as cosmetics. It could be any product you apply to your face, hair, skin, lips, and even nails. Argan oil is naturally rich in properties that promote beauty. It’s no surprise; argan oil became a popular ingredient of various types of these cosmetic products.

    Overhead shot of cosmetic products on a white surface, embellished with a few green leaves

    Before getting any further with argan oil uses in cosmetics, remember that there are two types of argan oil. The first is culinary argan oil, which is more applicable to cooking. The other one is cosmetic argan oil. This is the one used for creating these various personal care products for everyday use.

    Skin Care Products

    You can find argan oil in many products used for taking care of the skin such as:

    • Cleansers – Skin cleansers could include facial cleansers, soaps, or shower gels. Argan oil creates a rich and creamy cleanser that moisturizes skin while gently washing away dirt and impurities. It leaves the skin feeling soft and clean without the tendency to go dry. Argan oil-infused cleansers deeply wash the skin while providing proper hydration and nourishment your skin needs.
    • Toner – Skin toners are products that brighten and even out skin tone. They are usually applied after washing your face with a cleanser to remove any left residues. Some toners that contain alcohol can dry out or burn the skin with constant use. Argan oil has astringent properties great for making toners that are more skin-friendly.
    • Moisturizers and Creams – Body lotions and face creams with argan oil work wonders for the skin. While they prevent dehydration and dryness, the oil contains antioxidants that help fight skin-aging. The nourishing properties of argan oil make these skin care products more effective in keeping skin healthy.
    • Sunscreen – The sun is the major cause of skin aging. Many sunscreen products add argan oil into its formulation due to its anti-aging effects. These sunscreen products for face and body protect your skin from sun damage while proving instant hydration from argan oil.
    • Lip Balm – Argan oil’s lip-conditioning qualities make it a perfect ingredient for making lip care products as well. Lip balms made from essential oils like argan oil keep your lips naturally moist and soft. It’s always nice to have them in your purse to save you from chapped lips whenever you need it.

    Hair Care Products

    Argan oil is a nourishing ingredient you can find in many hair care products as well. Great examples are:

    • Shampoos – Most shampoos effectively wash off dirt and impurities from your hair. But chemical-based ones can cause damage in the long run. Good thing many shampoo brands infuse their shampoos with argan oil. Argan oil shampoos cleanse hair while providing nourishment and protection from damage.
    • Conditioners – To boost the effects of argan oil, most hair care brands create argan oil conditioner to complement their argan oil shampoo. These conditioners have the same conditioning properties of pure organic argan oil. Either as a leave-in conditioner or as a rinse-off conditioner, it provides fabulous hair benefits with constant use.
    • Hair Masks – For a deep conditioning and repair, you can try argan oil hair masks. It restores even the most damaged hair, resulting to thicker, shinier, and healthier looking hair. Use argan oil hair masks regularly to rejuvenate dull and lifeless hair.

    Nail Care Products

    Argan oil softens cuticles and strengthens nails so it makes a great ingredient for nail care products as well.

    • Hand and Nail Creams – Hand and nail creams that contain argan oil effectively moisturize dry hands and nails. They strengthen nails while keeping the cuticles soft. Regular use of these creams leaves your hands smooth and healthy looking.
    • Pure Argan Oil – Argan oil in its pure form is usually applied to nails on both hand and feet. It makes the nails strong so it does not easily chip. The oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help prevent toenail fungus and infections.

    Argan Oil Uses for Ingestion

    Culinary argan oil is the edible form of argan oil. Compared to the cosmetic grade argan oil, the main uses of culinary argan oil is for internal consumption, such as food and supplements.

    Dipping bread into a dip made with argan oil

    Argan Oil for Cooking

    Argan oil is very useful in preparing various dishes for its healthy properties. It makes a perfect ingredient for making salads, dips, and similar dishes.

    In Morocco, argan oil is the key ingredient in making a delicious dip called amlou. It is made from almonds, argan oil, and honey. It has a thick brown pasty texture similar to peanut butter. This makes a delightful dip for fresh pieces of bread for breakfast.

    Another traditional dish, called couscous, is prepared with argan oil. This is a staple North African cuisine in Arabic countries such as Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. The dish includes other tasty ingredients such as steamed balls of crushed durum wheat.

    Argan Oil Supplements

    Locals of Morocco take culinary argan oil by the spoon to aid health problems. They use it as a traditional medicine for arthritis, diabetes, and heart diseases. What makes argan oil good for these health conditions? Culinary argan oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids. These nourishing compounds give argan oil its natural therapeutic properties.

    Culinary argan oil is sometimes made into capsules and taken as supplements. It packs all the health-boosting qualities of argan oil as well as the benefits that promote overall wellness.

    Health Benefits of Taking Argan Oil

    Whether taken as food or supplements, argan oil gives the following health benefits:

    • Boost Heart Health – Taking argan oil lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
    • Lowers Cholesterol – Argan oil reduces bad cholesterol and controls hypertension.
    • Relieves Joint Pain and Rheumatism – Argan oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that improve joint conditions.
    • Prevents Skin Aging – Taking argan oil can reflect on your outer beauty as well. It contains high amounts of antioxidants that fight free radicals to prevent skin aging.
    • Supports Digestion – Argan oil relieves constipation and bloating. It is a great natural medicine for stomach pains and diarrhea.
    • Controls Blood Sugar – Adding argan oil to your regular diet helps manage diabetes.

    Argan oil for internal use may need some extra care. Find out the different ways to use essential oils effectively. Learn about the safety standards and the best practices in using them.

    Safety Tips for Argan Oil Users

    Are you ready to try all the amazing argan oil uses? Here are safety reminders to make your argan oil experience safe and more effective:

    Bottle of pure Moroccan argan oil on a wooden surface

    Determine Your Sensitivity

    Be mindful if you have any allergies to argan oil. In case you do, never put yourself at risk and avoid using argan oil.

    If you are not certain, you can do a simple patch test to see if you are sensitive to the oil or not. Put 1 to 2 drops of oil on your wrist or back of your elbow. Spread it to a diameter of 1 inch. If negative reactions such as itchiness, redness, or a burning sensation happen, discontinue use immediately. Wash the affected area with water.

    Seek Medical Advice

    When taking argan oil as a supplement or medicine, make sure to ask for your doctor’s advice. A medical expert can provide you proper guidance such as the right dose and frequency of taking argan oil.

    Check the Label

    When preparing dishes with argan oil, make sure to use food grade or culinary argan oil. Cosmetic argan oil may not be suitable for ingestion.

    Buy from Trusted Sources

    When buying argan oil products, make sure you get them from trustworthy sources. You can buy from reputable health stores, pharmacies, and organic shops. Otherwise, you can try purchasing online. It’s actually the most convenient way of getting organic argan oil. Simply go to trusted online shops such as Amazon or the brand’s official website.

    Wonder what brand to look for? Learn about the different brands of essential oils that are making it big today. We give you more information on their background, expertise, products, and more!

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