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Pomegranate Extract


A new trend in the field of beauty and personal care is the use of natural products. Essential oils continue to rise in fame. It offers various health benefits for skin and hair care. Pomegranate extract is a coveted product in the market today. It’s a miracle worker that brings rejuvenation for the skin and hair.

Aside from pomegranate seed oil aromatherapy, it is highly used as an ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products. Its effects are associated with its abundance in punicic acid. This substance revitalizes hair and skin.

Essential Oils Care - Pomegranate Extract

Various Benefits of Pomegranate Extract for Skin

Pomegranate seed oil is a popular ingredient in beauty products. It contains lots of omega-5 fatty acids which work in keeping the skin and hair youthful. It also helps in treating conditions like acne and pimples. This is because the extract has anti-inflammatory properties. It improves the texture once applied on the skin. When used regularly, you will reap the long-lasting reward of a soft and smooth skin.

The extract of pomegranate seed contains lots of antioxidants. It helps prevent the onset of skin aging. It is also effective in fading signs of maturity such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Pomegranate Seed Oil for Hair

Aside from improving the skin, it also works great for the hair. Pomegranate seed oil cleans the scalp and protects it from damage. It clears the buildup of debris caused by products and dirt. It also balances pH levels on the scalp. It is the key to keeping your strands soft and resilient.

You can now forget about dull and dry hair. Pomegranate extract will restore its luster and shine. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the benefits that it will give your hair. Invest in a quality product and see its wonderful effects for yourself.


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