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wood essential oil

Wood Essential Oil


While many natural oils are from plants’ leaves and fruits, others come from their wood. This essential oils guide now discusses that type of oil: wood essential oil.

Types of Wood Essential Oil

Essential Oils Care - Wood Essential Oil

There are many types of wood essential oils. One of the most popular is the Pinewood oil.  The pine wood essential oil, just like other wood oils, contains antibacterial properties and energizers that make them valuable.

There are certain types of plants like pine and cedar wood that produce oil and they are highly sought after due to the health benefits that they are able to provide humans. One of the greatest benefits of wood essential oils is the ability to treat various skincare problems.

The Benefits of Wood Essential Oils

We can use wood essential oils to treat pimples, eczema, scabies, fleas, sores, allergies, and body itching. It can make the skin smoother and shiny and removes dead skin cells. If you use it regularly it helps in reducing the free radicals in the skin thus resulting in a fairer and younger looking effect.

Most wood essential oils also contain a strong aroma that makes them ideal for use in perfumes. Apart from that, there is a variety of uses for these wood essential oils. You can also add them to massage oils and bath oils as well as lotions and soaps. It is also ideal for mixing with other cleaning products. Essential oils such as this are also effective in reducing bodily pain and stress. Just use it with an oil diffuser. You can also use it as a massage oil.

Some of the other popular wood essential oils are:

Sandalwood Oil

Coconut Oil

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